Gem the prima Ballerina - Trinket bar Melbourne

About Us

Unclasp the latch that seals the lid to the heirloom jewellery box and sneak a peek at the sparkle, glamour and old world vintage charm that can only be found at Trinket.

As your host, a prima ballerina image I may present; but don’t be fooled – I’m known to inhabit a twisted sense of reality… mystery, madness. A pretty face with a heart as black as night, I’ll lead the way but be warned, I may take you down a dark path as you step into my other-worldly abode – come along for the ride if you dare. Let me mesmerise you with my booze-fuelled parties every night of the week, well into the twilight hours… old world cocktails are my perfect poison.

Once you navigate your way inside, past the antique chest façade, you will find yourself lost in a world of sparkly gold gilded delights. Settle by the crackling fire and admire my dressing table filled with mirrors, lights, jewels and gems. Emeralds and gin are friends, you know.

Venture a little further, beyond the bookcase a narrow staircase leads to a candlelit cellar bar below. Velvet lounges & the sounds of jazz await.

Unleash your dark side…